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Good morning, good afternoon, good evening.

Welcome to the blog portion or the website. Whether you have come to this site as an existing patient, friend or family of a patient or if you just stumbled onto it, we hope you will get some valuable insights in our blog post, articles and audio presentations. We truly know that you will find something in the content we offer that will shift your life. Please feel free to explore the website and utilize all the offerings we present.

Mind Body Medicine is an emerging field that is gaining accelerated popularity and promise. It currently is part of the curriculum at all prestigious medical schools in the United States and most countries around the world. If you aren’t familiar with it keep revisiting our site and you will become familiar with the diverse ways you can utilize and participate in your own healing journey. Dr. Sutton and I know you will find solutions to whatever challenges you struggle with.

We have brought the most recent research from neuroscience, pain science, psychology and mind body healing methods into what we write and talk about in our blogs, articles, podcast and learning series. We offer insights, exercises and visualizations that have helped countless numbers of patients and clients over our years as doctors and mind body practitioners.

If you like what we offer or feel the need to share, please let all your friends and family know how to join us at

Again, welcome to our website and we look forward to the transformative conversations ahead.

You’ve got this!

Enjoy the journey,

Dr. John and Dr. Micah

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