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About Dr. John Daugherty

My life experience has been a constant and continuous quest for growth and understanding of the universal laws and principles and how they interact with human values, behaviors, health, and wellness.  I have studied health, healing, and human behavior from a bio-psycho-social wellness perspective and how they impact physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies within the Body Mind.  My love is learning, teaching, speaking, and sharing strategies for experiencing your truly authentic self, the inspired self.  This experience allows you to open to your greatest potential with the possibilities that are available to you right now. I have 40 years’ experience in healing, workshops, coaching and sharing.

The practical side to who I am is that I have been an eclectic healing practitioner and I have studied and explored multiple methods and processes of healing. I trained and still practice as a Chiropractic Physician, although most of my clients and patients now experience our time together as a multi-disciplinary approach to healing that involves physical, emotional, and behavioral healing. I am grateful that my practice has evolved over the years and stayed on the cutting edge of current neuroscience and health education, because healing entails many different aspects of who I and my patients have become over our time together.  I have advanced studies in Chronic Pain and persistent symptoms, Neuroscience Education, Mind Body Medicine, Functional and Integrative medicine, as well as being an author, speaker, pain and self-care educator. I have studied various personal coaching methods and have trained in human behavioral studies, such as the Hendricks Institute, Pain Reprocessing Therapy, Neuro-Emotional and Somato-Emotional Therapies. I have developed my own healing protocols which I share in my book, The Health Code, Aligning the Mind and Body for Optimal Wellness, and online courses found on my website for clients, patients and healthcare professionals who want to learn about effective healing methods to share with their patients. Explore our learning series and other things we offer on this website.

I have developed many of my own approaches to health and healing. These methods encompass the ability to create change in physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral aspects of each patient. These methods have been brought out in my books and my online courses, articles, and micro-cast episodes.  My hope is that you will benefit from what you learn there. If you are a health practitioner my hope is that you will find a way to utilize the information in the books and courses to help clients and patients in your own practices. That would be the ultimate honor to have shared something that would help someone, somewhere that I have never even met in my life by being able to share the energy of healing through another practitioner.

My hope for you is that you find healing, transformation, and the best version of yourself expressed in the world.

Dr. John Daugherty

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