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Coaching Model

We are eclectic physicians and coaches treating individuals holistically. We integrate different therapeutic modalities including manual therapy, behavioral and somatic-emotional focused mind-body therapies tailored to treat each client’s needs.

We believe each session and self-paced program we offer is a collaborative conversation that is based in mind-body therapies that center around curiosity, deep empathy and radical acceptance of what is and what will naturally allow change. Our therapeutic model is grounded in our clients developing a deep connection to themselves and using it as a guide to their health and wellbeing. This includes deepening the understanding of the relationship between our mind, brain, body, behavior and emotions. Our therapeutic model is designed to educate and build a relationship between our inner and outer worlds as well as the ways in which we hold on to our emotions and experiences in the body.

The 6 Basic Steps


Listen / Connect


Guide / Develop Awareness


Assess / Discover


Shift / Understand / Be Accountable


Educate / Coach


Continue to Grow

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