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About Dr. Micah Sutton

I have studied health, healing, and human behavior from a bio-psycho-social perspective as it relates to wellness and Mind Body Medicine.  I love working with patients and helping them understand and achieve true health and healing. I enjoy coaching, teaching, speaking, and sharing strategies for our clients finding the best version of themselves. I have 9 years of experience in healing, teaching, and coaching patients.

 I am a mother of a wonderful 4-year-old, Farrah, who is my most precious gift. I juggle being a mom, athlete, fiancé, and a doctor in private practice and as part of a multi-disciplinary team with Strata Health and Wellness Center at the Garden of the Gods Club here in Colorado Springs. I consider myself to be an eclectic healing practitioner and I have studied and explored multiple methods and processes of healing. I trained and still practice as a Chiropractic Physician, although I practice from a multi-disciplinary approach to healing that involves physical, emotional, and behavioral healing. Because healing entails many different aspects of who I am and what my patients tend to need in their care I always stay up on the most current aspects of pain neuroscience and education. I have advanced studies in Chronic Pain and persistent symptoms, Neuroscience Education, Mind Body Medicine, Functional and Integrative medicine, and consider myself a speaker and self-care educator. I have studied various methods and have trained with my dad for the last 5 years. I utilized Pain Reprocessing Therapy, Neuro-Emotional and Somato-Emotional Therapies in my practice and I am continuing to assist in the development of our own healing protocols.

We have developed many of our own approaches to health and healing. These methods help our patients create change in physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral aspects of their lives. We offer online courses, articles, and micro-cast episodes.  I feel that everyone whether a patient or just a visitor to our website can benefit from what you learn here. If you are a health practitioner, I hope you will find a way to utilize the information in our courses to help clients and patients in your own practices.

Explore our learning series and other things we offer on this website.

My hope for you is that you find healing, transformation, and the best version of yourself expressed in the world.


Dr. Micah Sutton

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