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POWER - What is it?

Did you know that all humans already have all the POWER!

All humans are born into this world with POWER. This acronym is a great way to remind us of how we started. I first heard of POWER in the book, Super Powered: Transform Anxiety into Courage, Confidence and Resilience by Renee Jain and Dr. Shefali Tsabary. In our practice we have adapted their work in assisting children and parents to break the spell of our cultural and social programming and the ensuing anxiety they are experiencing in our world today.

To better understand who we humans innately are, we can begin by understanding that humans come into this life with five Soul Instincts. I believe that all humans have either forgotten that these are their birthright, or they were trained out of us, or we have allowed these Soul instincts to take a back seat on this amazing journey through life.

The Five Soul Instincts that give us POWER.

P Soul Instinct number 1

All humans are born explorers of the world around them. As a young child you were constantly putting things in your mouth; you would walk around feeling the grass on your feet, the touch of your mother’s face, and the subtle differences in textures of food; while listening to the sounds around you and experiencing the feeling of the sunlight on your body. Just recently, I observed my granddaughter, who just turned 4 and is very much in touch with her POWER. She is still great at experiencing all the big feelings she has inside. She will explore her feelings of sadness and she might cry. She might feel her feeling of joy or happiness and she might smile or laugh or dance around the room. She came into Life with the instinct of being Present. Fully present to all her experiences. We all start our lives in a state of presence, meaning the state or fact of existing, occurring, of being present to all of life. Unfortunately, this presence is one of the most important elements in our life that people ever so slowly lose touch with. The other P in our POWER is Potential because we come into Life with unlimited potential, and all each of us is here to express that potential as uninhibited as we possibly can.

O Soul Instinct number 2

All humans are Original, true to themselves. When my daughter was in elementary school, we wanted her to wear something cute to school and brush her hair and, well, look presentable. Oh, but she was set on being original; she wanted to wear her pajamas with her “reef walkers”, mismatched socks and forget about brushing her matted hair; it looked fine to her. Now, I know most parents would have had a battle with this spirited child to make sure that their child was presentable to be out in the world. In our case we wanted to make sure she didn’t go out of the house that day in that condition. Yet in the spirit of exploring her soul instinct of being original we walked the two blocks to school, in a foot of snow, in that exact attire. She proceeded to go to school in her own original way of being herself. Guess what? It all worked out fine. Go figure.

Like my daughter and my grandchildren, children are not born to follow rules; children have made up words and languages, imaginary friends. Children play with the toys that most interest them at the time; they sing at the top of their lungs whenever they want. Children are busy discovering all the unique things that make them who they are. Even though we may not remember that part of ourselves at this phase of our Life. At one time we each embraced being original.

W Soul instinct number 3

All humans feel Whole. Believe it or not, there was a time in your life when you truly loved yourself. You looked into the mirror, and you adored yourself; you messed up a test and it didn’t really bother you. Maybe you weren’t the best player on the team, but you didn’t take it personally. You simply felt good about yourself regardless of how you performed, how you looked or what others thought about you. No matter what, you were proud of everything you did. You couldn’t wait to show off your paintings, drawings, or other accomplishments. You had a powerful sense of inner worth and character strengths. You felt Whole.

E Soul Instinct number 4

All humans love life. In the beginning all people are Energized. You would wake up with energy and excited to see what the new day would bring. Each day was a source of wonder and joy, and new things were exciting. Learning was fun and interesting. You were always on the hunt for things to stimulate your curiosity and ignite your imagination. Life was an endless adventure. Young humans had to be convinced that they were tired and almost coerced to get rest. Their curiosity was all the motivation and entertainment they needed.

R Soul Instinct number 5

All humans naturally are risk takers. Despite failure after failure, people will get up and do it again. Humans are Resilient. When children start to crawl and then walk, they fall down hundreds of times and never give up. They never confuse falling with failing; falling is part of the process of learning to walk. As a child it didn’t matter how many times you fell off your bicycle you got back on. It didn’t matter how clumsy you felt or messy you got; you never gave up on things until you mastered them. People are born with the instinct of knowing how to overcome challenges and how to take risks. All humans are born Resilient.

There you have it. All humans arrive in this world with five Soul Instincts and the unlimited resources of the Oneness/Universal Intelligence/Innate Wisdom, or GOD flowing through them. They arrive with P-O-W-E-R. Humans are Present, Original, Whole, Energized and Resilient. As you reflect on this, you may have the same epiphany I had when I figured it out. Somewhere along the way I got off track, forgot who I was or just let the beliefs, opinions and thoughts of others or myself convince me otherwise. I covered up my POWER.

Your Genius - don’t leave home without it!

During these episodes and articles, together we will unveil and rediscover our natural Soul Instinct’s again and create a fulfilling life again. Somewhere along the way these Soul Instincts got suppressed, forgotten, or just plain trained out of all people. As all humans grow up, they begin to forget about these instincts. Each time they lost an instinct they replaced it with something else. Their ego took over and filled it up with worry, fear, being right, giving up, withholding, and telling stories. All people misplaced their security, control, and approval. All humans buy into lack and deficiency as well as bury their true feelings and emotions. As humans we forget our Genius, the best version of ourselves. During these episodes and articles, all of us reading these pages will unveil and rediscover the natural Soul instincts that are part of our human experience and create fulfilling lives again. This journey may not seem instinctual at this point in your life: however, it is instinctual, and it is truly possible for each one of us.

Have fun, learn lots, open your heart and mind, feel your feelings, and love yourself.

You’ve got this!

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