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Episode 3: The Best Version of Yourself

Express the best version of yourself

Episode 3: The Best Version of Yourself
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What if; The best version of ourselves is buried underneath veils or filters?

Welcome to a transformative conversation about living your life from the best version of yourself.  All humans have experiences that allow us the opportunity to learn and grow. As physicians, our own growth has come from our personal challenges and guiding our patient through their experiences of pain, and the challenges that come up in their lives.  The resilience of the human spirit we have witnessed in our patients has opened our minds and touched our hearts. As doctors we learn as much from our patients and clients as they learn from us. Sharing our mutual life experiences enables us to better understand how we can best express our unique creative genius in the world. I believe that most of us at some time in our life consider the question: What if every man, woman, and child I meet has the seeds within them to become who they truly are? What if that includes me?

This is an exploration of the human experience. As humans we sincerely and deeply want to express our true nature. All people at some level want to better understand the principles of our human experience. All humans have an inner knowing that this understanding and awareness makes life more exciting, interesting, and energized.

Dr. Sutton and I have noticed in our years of coaching and working with patients and clients that every individual possesses unique gifts and talents. Inside each one of us there exists an innate wisdom, a connection to Universal Intelligence, Divine Intelligence, Source or God, even if the expression of our best version of ourselves is often buried beneath veils or filters of fear, shame, guilt, anger, and sadness that stifle the expression of our dreams, desires, and joy. The behaviors we accept, adopt, or learn from others over time keep us from being and expressing our true essence. As human beings we so habitually fall into these life patterns that we never stop to question them. When we are stuck in our behaviors, we often experience feelings of being trapped inside of our experience with no roadmap or strategy to break ourselves free.  Available on this website will be ongoing self-paced courses to help you break free from your habitual behaviors, so keep checking in to see what might interest you.

How do we get blinded to our potential?

Why would we do this to ourselves? As human beings we have unique gifts, talents, and innate potential for being the best version of ourselves and yet we cover it up. I believe it is a cultural misunderstanding of how all human experience works. This misunderstanding often keeps us from making the changes we want or need in our lives.

How do we get blinded to our potential and how are we programmed by our earlier experiences in this life to cover up, hide or otherwise suppress the magnificence of who we are in the world? I believe that if we know a bit of how we get trapped in our less than powerful selves, we can find our way out.  We can find the way to free the natural expression of our gifts, talents, and abilities. Once we understand how these life experiences work this allows us to express the best version of ourselves. That is what this article is about.

This article will help all people see where we got off the path to being our powerful, healthy, and unique self and to become aware of the behaviors that block all humans from our natural expression. In this series you will learn to explore and grow through your understanding. This will enable you to evolve and to experience the feeling of living fully expressed.

Is there something more to this life?

All people have woken up on some morning and felt trapped in their experience of life. All people have questioned at some point if there is something more to this life. We have felt like we couldn’t find the best way to express our gifts, talents, and abilities. The outcome of that thinking is we get to suffer.  Do you feel this some days as well? That feeling there is more to life than you are experiencing. That feeling like although all is calm on the outside, on the inside you are trying to frantically claw your way out of…. what? Clawing and clamoring to get out of your body, out of your life situation, out of this experience you are having right now? The courses offered on this website can go behind the veil and open you to a more joyful, easeful, and meaningful experience of life.

Most people are struck by how difficult and stressful our lives have become. I hear the feelings of anxiety in my patients and coaching clients daily. The truth is that we are living in limitation, dis-ease, and chronic physical and emotional pain. For many of us we have discovered that life isn’t easy. All humans experience internal feelings like the feelings of being trapped, “clawing to get out.”  These feelings may show up as chronic pain, heart disease, cancer, or depression. They may show up as indigestion, or a racing heart rhythm. Worry thoughts may spin around in your head in the middle of the night: worry about things that are part of a regular day, getting to work on time, making sure everything that needs to get done is getting done, even worry about feeling worried or anxious.

That is the truth about living in the world we have created. The good news which is brought out in these micro-cast episodes and articles is that we can create a new way of being in the world and create a new way to feel in our bodies, in our relationships and in life. We can live life without all this anxiety, fear, dis-ease, pain, and suffering. If we understand who we innately are, we can find our way back to this innate way of being in the world. Then we can continuously and consistently stay on track.

Where am I anyway?

We invite you to journey with us in these episodes and article and see if you can find places to reroute your trajectory, find where you have been thrown off track or have lost your way. Once you become aware of how you came to be where you are, you can begin to see through the veil and find your way back to a better life.  It is possible to open to understanding and naturally change our behavior in the world. You become the best version of yourself. You can see more clearly how that best version shows up in your life in the way that matters most?

You’ve Got this!

Resources in our Store for finding your way back to expressing the best version of yourself;

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