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Your Journey To A Healthier Life Starts Right Now

Nutrition RX

Your Journey to a Healthier Life Starts Right Now!

4 out of 5 people take a vitamin and mineral regime of some kind. You’re likely included in this statistic. But how do you know that the vitamins your taking are actually what your body needs.

Wth NutrientsRX we can determine what nutrients your body needs through blood lab work and a comprehensive questionnaire. Based on your specific lab results and your desires and goals outlined in your questionnaire we create an easy-to-understand report and personalized supplement regime.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars each month on multiple bottles of supplements you will receive our entire custom pak of high-quality whole food based vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics and herbs based on your unique lab work.

You will know you have benefited not only by how much better you feel, but also when you see your next set of blood lab test and see the improvement.

How does it work?

1. Purchase Nutrients Rx Blood work and Questionnaire online when we send you a script from Optimal Health Systems by email.

2. Download and print the paperwork. Take them to the lab nearest you when you submit

your sample. To find your closest lab, simply enter your zip code at check out.

3. We’ll create your custom supplement regimen based on your needs and desires and ship it right to your door. Your comprehensive blood and lab work report will be available in your personal Nutrients Rx Portal online. Simply take 1 packet morning and evening of the custome pak each day and work to improve your lifestyle.

4. Each month, we will automatically send you a refill of your custom supplement paks so you never have to stress over reordering or running out.

5. Every 6 months, we’ll send you a reminder to retest your blood work for only $450,

saving you hundreds. This ensures that your needs are continually being met and your

health is improving. If changes to your supplement paks are needed, we’ll adjust

automatically to ensure you the best results.

6. After renewing blood work, you can easily compare previous results side-by side to the new ones so that you can know you are lowering your risk for disease and increasing

your energy and longevity.

What does it cost?

The initial one-time purchase of the Nutrients Rx Blood work and Questionnaire program is $590.

This includes:

Initial Blood and Lab work panel - $800 value

First months customized supplement pak and bottle of Optimal Digestion - $210 value.

Health professional review and protocol - $100 value

Comprehensive Lab Report - $105 value

The automatic monthly shipment of your Customized Supplement Pak cost $140 per month.

This includes:

1 month supply of Customized supplements based off your individual needs and testing, (60 packets with 7 capsules each)

$1,215 Value for initial sign up only $590

$210 Value for monthly Custom Paks only $140

When you are ready to get started

Contact our office at 719-331-5854 or let us

know at and we will

send you a link.

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