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Specific Individual Nutrition

Managing Your Body Budget

Nutrition, Managing Your Body Budget

The best way to keep a financial budget as you may know is to anticipate your financial needs before they arise and make sure you have the resources to meet them. Resources can be money in the bank, money in long-term investments, and a continuous inflow of money daily.

The Mind-Body is not budgeting money, but all the things our cells need to function to keep us alive and well. Each action or process between mind and body spends resources, such as swimming, running, worrying or anxiety. These mind body functions are like a withdrawal from your account. Actions and behaviors that replenish your resources, such as everything you eat, every time you sleep, every hug you get or give is like a deposit. You are replenishing your body budget.

This is why proper nutrition, and a consistent wellness lifestyle are so important to keeping our Mind and Body in sync with one another. To adequately manage the needs of your body and be aware of when you are not at optimal function is not through guessing or doing the newest fad diet or supplement. All humans are biochemically individual and unique. There is no “one size fits all”. Therefore, all people can best benefit from blood lab work that helps Identify our specific needs at any given time. Based on that lab work, it is easy to determine what your most critical nutritional needs are.

There are two ways that our office fills this need for all our clients.

1. NutrientsRX which is described in the article, Your journey to a healthier lifestyle starts right now" at this link.

2. If NutrientsRX doesn’t meet your needs, we can get lab work ordered and run it through

our analysis and determine specific supplementation recommendations directly for you.

This method, Nutrition Select Program is just as effective and gives you the option of

picking and choosing what you want on your lab test and what and how many

supplements you want to incorporate based on cost and preference.

Please contact us if you would like to work directly with our office on NutrientsRX or the

Nutrition Select Program. By phone or text contact Sue 719-331-5854, or at

You’ve got this!

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